A bedroom needs to be restful and relaxing – but it can still be luxurious. Metallic elements fit with a number of design styles, and help elevate a bedroom to the next level.

Where to Use Metallic Coatings

One of the joys of metallic coatings is their flexibility. They can be used as a design element just about anywhere in a bedroom, from whole items of furniture to subtle trims. Even the walls and ceiling can be coated in metal for a luscious shimmer.

If you’re experimenting with metallic coatings, try subtle hints first. Bed frames are a good starting point; you could use the same tone on a bed frame and a few accessories, such as mirrors, clocks, and vases.

For full-on opulence, use coatings on accent walls and the ceiling. These should not be harsh or garish, but will instead provide a delicate shimmer that lingers just outside the realm of perception.

Creating an Opulent Boudoir

If your bedroom aesthetic has a boudoir feel, then you should use warm-toned metallic coatings. Rose gold and bronze work particularly well in an intimate setting. Look for furniture with an old-fashioned feel, and choose rich, strong colours for bedding and soft furnishings.

For muted luxury, it’s important not to overstep the mark into gaudiness. Choose one colour or interconnected scheme for soft furnishings and stick to it. You can create tone on tone contrasts, but too many clashing colours will look jarring rather than decadent. Velvet and silk work particularly well in boudoir-style bedrooms, in tones such as deep red, dark blue, or burgundy.

Feel free to explore textures; the classic boudoir may have a bed with carved legs, an elaborate headboard, and furniture with etched rococo details. Warm-toned metals will bring the whole room together, adding a depth of colour and creating a sumptuous ambience.

Soothing and Simple

Although warm metals can contribute to an opulent look, they work equally well for a simple, restful modern room based on earth tones. Here, look for earthy neutrals: tans, creams, and other colours. You can accent with green or blue to add a dash of colour.

Choose a warm metallic tone like copper or bronze for your furniture and wall coatings. You can mix in wooden or raffia elements for a natural and understated look. The end result will be peaceful and harmonious, but homelier than a room based on just white.

The Next Level of Neutral

White alone can look too clinical in a bedroom. Mix it up with sleek silver for a cool, contemporary style. In this case, you’ll want to keep the bedroom furnishings and accessories fairly minimalist. Choose base colours of white and grey to go with the silver. Crisp white sheets look great with silver walls. Dramatic splashes of colour could be added by a plant pot – but in general, vibrant statements should be kept to a minimum. The bedroom should reflect a deeply personal style. Whether that’s exuberant and lavish, relaxing and soothing, or stylish and simple, there are always metal elements to suit.


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