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Our Range of Finishes

Our finishes are truly only limited by your imagination. Explore a sample of our range below

One of a kind finishes

Delivered by Artisans

We have a huge collection of finishes in different textures and colours ranging from subtle aged bronzes to abstract art work. Our finishes include faux fabrics, polished, antiqued, animal skins and leaves. These coatings allow you to create unique spaces and interiors by using the imagination of its customers and our resident artists.
Multifarious Brass bedroom doors

The Warm, Inviting Glow of brass

Our Range of Brass Finishes

Brass is a metal that epitomises luxury and refinement. At Metall FX, we offer an exquisite range of brass finishes that exhibit a polished, golden sheen. Our artisans skillfully apply these finishes to surfaces, revealing the metal’s inherent beauty.
satin brass
brass 11
brass 10
brass 9
brass 6
brass 4
brass 3
brass 1

Rich, Elegant Tones of Bronze

Our Range of Bronze Finishes

Bronze is a timeless and regal metal that exudes a sense of sophistication and opulence. Our bronze finishes at Metall FX are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the rich, warm tones that are characteristic of this metal.
smooth bronze
scratched bronze
running bronze
Honeycomb Bronze
deep brushed brass
patinated bronze
brushed bronze with patina
antique bronze

Vibrant Copper That Gets Better With Age

Our Range of Copper Finishes

Whether applied to kitchen fixtures, architectural accents, or decorative pieces, our copper finishes exude warmth and a distinct sense of craftsmanship. Over time, our copper surfaces develop a unique patina, adding depth and character to the finish.
copper 11
copper 10
copper 6
satin copper
copper 14
copper 12
copper 7

Subdued Yet Distinct Charm of White Metal

Our Range of White Metal Finishes

We specialise in creating refined white metal finishes that exude a cool, silvery gleam. This versatile finish complements a wide range of design styles, from classical to contemporary.
textured white metal
textured bronze 4
textured bronze 3
spotted white metal
Grand Hotel Vienna lobby

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Whether you’re looking for a high-gloss finish that’s as smooth as glass or a textured finish that adds depth and dimension, we can deliver the results you need. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, so we can create a finish that exceeds their expectations.