Grand Hotel Vienna lobby
There’s only one chance to make a first impression – and that’s true for buildings as well as people. The reception area is one of the most important spaces of any hotel. This is the first room that your guests will see. Use metallic accents and details to create a welcoming space that shines with luxury and personality.

Using Gold to Make a Serious Statement

Hotel rooms should be soothing spaces that invite your guests to relax and sleep; however, the reception offers more creative freedom. It’s the ideal place to use striking, large-scale metallic pieces that draw the eye.

For true luxury, gold furniture and fittings will really stand out. You could use entire gold pieces, such as coffee tables, vases, and light fittings. It also makes a great trim on the legs of furniture, the arms of sofas, and the edges of glass tables.

Bold and luxurious, gold pairs well with dark colours to create an elegant and timeless environment. For a truly opulent look, match it with velvet-covered soft furnishings, and add crystal glass highlights.

Brian at the Dorchester

Slick Silver

Gold is ideal for echoing the old-school glamour of the early 20th century, in a perfect intersection of the modern and the baroque. To bring your hotel decor thoroughly up to date, though, you might prefer silver.

Cool silver hues can look edgier and more entrancing than gold – which can come across as gaudy if overused – and work well for a modern look. Pair silver with light tones and plenty of space. Use it with white or grey marble for understated chic. To keep it looking modern, choose metallic pieces without much texture to them. Simple, clean lines and geometric shapes are great for this look.

Silver is the ideal metal for a modern, almost futuristic hotel reception. Decide if you want to echo this look in the hotel rooms, too, or if you’d rather opt for something more classic and traditional. We have a metallic spray for every style and customer experience, so feel free to chat with us about what you had in mind for your hotel’s design ethic.

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Make it Your Own with Mixed Metallics

The days of never mixing metallics are, thankfully, long gone. Now it’s possible to create a totally unique look by pairing gold, silver, bronze, and other rare metals together.

There are a couple of golden rules to follow here. First, make sure the overall look is sophisticated. Less is more. This means avoiding bright colours and keeping to an unassuming, mostly neutral palette.

Secondly, a hotel reception with mixed metals will need careful planning – more than one with just a single colour scheme. Look for design elements that create a conversation between your pieces; even if they are in different metals, they should still have something in common.

This could be shape, texture, motif, or general style. An elaborate, antique gilded mirror alongside an angular modern silver lamp may look garish. However, two pieces with similar lines can appear chic and stylish.

Copper hotel lobby


Mixing metals allows you to create a hotel reception space that’s unique, special, and totally your own. It might be worth experimenting and seeing how pieces look together before making any major commitments. However, if you’re bold enough to try this style, it can really pay off! To find out how Metall FX can enhance and complement your vision, get in touch today.