1) The End of Neutrals

White and grey may have had their day in high end interior design. Moving forward, colours may be muted – but they’re definitely colours. Pistachio and mint green are increasingly popular, along with dusty blue and a more sophisticated take on millennial pink. Rich, earthy tones are also becoming a mainstay of design. Metallic finishes in copper or bronze work well with these colour schemes, creating a warmer, more homely feel than stark white.

2) Curves Everywhere

As we move forward, we’re seeing an end to sharp corners and angles. Instead, curved shapes are being used to soften rooms. These come in many forms, from sofas and armchairs with gently rounded backs to headboards with scalloped edges. Playing with curves opens up a whole new world of design possibilities. Think horizontal, as well as vertical; a chest of drawers or cabinet with an undulating front is a great way to instantly update a space.

3) Going Back to Nature

We’re seeing a lot of natural materials showing up. Wooden slats on walls and rattan furniture are a great way to embrace this trend. However, there are quicker and easier ways to get on board. Wool throws and linen cushions will immediately bring a living room into the new year.

The love of natural materials extends to purely decorative elements, too. Macrame wall hangings, hand-crafted rugs, and similar pieces are growing in popularity, and have a certain one-of-a-kind charm that makes them stand out from the crowd.

4) Indoor Greenery

The days of a single sad cactus sitting in a mini planter are behind us. It’s time to bring the great outdoors inside, with a lavish array of pot plants. A selection of plants is a wonderful way to fill unexpected spaces, such as corners or nooks.

Flowers are not high on the list of features here; instead, it’s all about impressive leaves and unusual plants. Look for interesting planters, too. Warm metallics or earthenware pots work well with green plants. Just make sure to keep it real. Plastic plants are most definitely not welcome in 2021.

5) High Contrast Designs

It’s time to inject some personality into a room with a pop of bright, contrasting colour. These two-tone designs are becoming particularly trendy in kitchens, where the bright white of yesteryear has been relegated to the past.

Embrace this look by going for cupboards and cabinets with contrasting trims and handles. A metallic pop can look particularly good here, giving your kitchen some much-needed pizzazz for 2021.

On-point Design for the 2020s

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