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From the world’s most famous department store to ultra-luxury New York apartments, our finishes have been used to turn ordinary surfaces into pieces of art.
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Hand Crafted

Bespoke Liquid Metal Coatings

Metall-FX offer bespoke and specialised metal finishes to clients who are after a unique and one-of-a-kind concept which is born and brought to life through our team of talented artisans. The almost magical properties of the Metall-FX product means that you can choose from dozens of pure metals and alloys, then choose a different texture, colour, and have it finished in a manner totally unique to you.


Our liquid metal finishes add an extra touch of luxury to any kitchen
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Interior Design

Liquid metal finishes that can be applied to almost any surface
Hotel lobby with copper finish


Stand your hotel apart with our liquid metal finishes
Textured metal department store

Department Stores

From the worlds most famous department store to haut couture boutiques, our finishes have been used to enhance the aethetic of stores all around the world


Our finishes have traveled the 7 seas adorned upon surfaces above and below deck. Contact us today to discuss your yacht or boat project with our team

Film Sets

Our company specialises in creating liquid metal finishes that are perfect for film set props. One of our most notable projects was working on the set of the Harry Potter films

A completely unique product

Delivered by Artisans

Our artisans use our tried and tested process to decorate surfaces which adorn high end residences, cruise ships, yachts, hotels and the film and stage. Inviting our clients during the process to see their commissions and ideas come to life. Our talented team work closely with many leading architects, renowned interior designers and passionate artists to bring their concepts and projects to life with our liquid metal coatings.
liquid metal leaf fireplace
Hotel lobby with copper finish

One-of-a-Kind Finishes

Delivered by Artisans

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or yacht, create eye-catching lobby installations in a hotel, or design a futuristic movie set, our liquid metal finishes will exceed your expectations. Our expertise and attention to detail will ensure that your project stands out and is truly one of a kind

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Whether you’re looking for a high-gloss finish that’s as smooth as glass or a textured finish that adds depth and dimension, we can deliver the results you need. We work closely with each of our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, so we can create a finish that exceeds their expectations.